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This wonderful handmade Mahogany Andean Plyer was made by my husband in our small woodshop in the woods on our property in the PNW.  This is Khaya Mahogany (quartersawn with ribbon grain), a beautiful hardwood species from equatorial West Africa and is considered an exotic wood. Heartwood color is variable, ranging from a very pale pink to a deeper reddish brown, sometimes with streaks of medium to dark reddish brown. The color tends to darken with age. 


These photos show the exact Plyer you'll receive. I photograph each one individually.


Link to video a friend made with me on how to use these plyers.

My husband spends hours in his woodshop turning, cutting, sanding and finishing with these woods. I love how the shape of this plyer fits so nicely in my hand and makes plying the "extras" such a pleasant and easy task.

Andean Plying is often done on the hand but this gorgeous tool makes it much more pleasant and with the stand it frees up both hands to use for the plying. With this tool the wool singles are wound onto the handle of the plyer, then pulling out the peg releases the strands which can then be used to ply with. I use mine to utilize any extras left on one (or two in the case of a 3 ply yarn) by taking the leftovers on my one bobbin and turning them into two so I can splice them into my plied yarn. There's a notch at the bottom to hold the singles for starting.

Comments from customers who've used our plyer:


"This lovely Andean plying tool has changed my life! I love that I can easily use up every inch of my singles when plying. It’s beautifully made, easy to use, and a prized spinning tool." ~ Moki W. ~

"I really enjoy using my Andean plying tool. It takes all of the stress off of my hand and makes Andean plying much more enjoyable. Glens craftsmanship and attention to detail make using this tool a pleasure. I love it!" ~Jen D.~

"My old Andean plying tool was primitive and utilitarian, and although it got the job done, it was not a pleasure to use. What a world of difference it is to use Gift of Grace Fiber Art’s plying tool! The gorgeous wood is smoothly sanded, and it feels great in the hands. Not only is it a wonderful tool to use, but it is also so beautiful that I am happy to display it proudly among my spinning tools." ~Micki C.~

Mahogany Wood Andean Plyer (#6)

  • Finished size while on the stand is 9.5  inches tall from bottom of base to top of peg and base is 6 inches wide.



  • I want you to be pleased with your purchase. However if you're not satisfied with your purchase please contact me within 3 days of the receipt of your package for a return or exchange. The item must be in its original condition and you will be responsible for shipping & handling involved in the return/exchange.

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