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This bowl is reserved for CHRISTY. Please don't purchase it unless it's yours. Thanks!


Bring a rustic piece of nature and the forests of the PNW into your home! This redwood bowl is handmade by my husband in his woodshop or sitting outside in our forest carving, sanding, cleaning and finishing. We were gifted a couple of 20 year old coastal redwoods that had been planted too close to a home and as they grew the roots were raising the porch and had to be removed. What an amazing offering!!!  This chunky bowl has beautiful colors and grain and would look amazing in your home! 


Redwoods get their common name from their bark and heartwood, the reddish-brown color of which stems from high tannin levels. Other chemicals found in the leaves, branches and bark give these trees a remarkable resistance to fungal disease and insect infestation. Their thick bark holds large quantities of water, which protects them from periodic, naturally occurring fires.


All of our wood pieces are hand carved and may be perfectly “imperfect” which is exactly what we love about them. Every piece is unique and no two will ever be alike. Different woods make them look even more unique. The bowl is finished with danish oil.


This bowl is 12" in diameter x 5.5" tall and weighs 1 lbs. 5 oz. These photos show the exact bowl you'll receive. I photograph each one individually. 


Any shipping overages will be refunded.

Rustic Redwood Handcarved Bowl