This wonderful little rustic Plum Coffee Scoop is handmade by my husband who enjoys spending a great deal of time creating each wooden utensil for your home. He spends many hours collecting the dead branches and tree fall-downs and then in his woodshop lovingly cutting, carving, sanding and finishing with these woods. We have great respect for these trees and are grateful to give them a second life with these practical kitchen tools. 


This is modeled after my favorite little coffee scoop that's used daily! It's a fun size and holds 3 Tbsp. when filled to level with grounds. It's perfect to measure out your coffee for your french press, espresso machine or your drip coffee machine. Or use to scoop your loose tea. I'm sure there's a myriad of other uses too for this sweet little wooden scoop.  


All of our wooden utensils are hand carved and may be perfectly “imperfect” which is exactly what we love about them. Every piece is unique and no two will ever be alike. Different woods make them look even more unique. The woods we use are very dense and have close grains and we’re always on the look out for new woods we can give new life to.


In a rare stroke of luck we were gifted part of a large plum tree some folks had cut down.....such a treasure!!! Plum is a richly colored fruitwood, usually slightly more dense than it’s more common neighbor, Cherry. The heartwood color is reddish, the sap and outer portion of the tree is a pale creamy brown. The timber qualities of Plum are excellent and it's  easy to cut, carve, sand & polish. The colors are in this wood are just stunning!!! 


Hand wash and dry your wooden kitchen tools. They should never be soaked in water. Oil when the wood seems dry with your favorite kitchen oil. You can rub with a slice of lemon if any strong flavors remain.


These photos show the exact Scoop you'll receive. I photograph each one individually. 

Small Plum Wood Coffee Scoop

  • Finished size is 6.25 inches long from end to end and the bowl is 2.5 w x 2.5" x 1.25" deep.



  • I want you to be pleased with your purchase. However if you're not satisfied with your purchase please contact me within 3 days of the receipt of your package for a return or exchange. The item must be in its original condition and you will be responsible for shipping & handling involved in the return/exchange.